Team Building Workshop Mars


How would your team function on Mars? Would you be able to work together under extreme circumstances, far away from civilization? What can you learn from the survival and communication techniques that astronauts apply in space? Find out, as astronaut trainer and space expert Nancy Vermeulen takes you on a journey to the Red Planet.

A team that is good on Mars, is invincible on earth.
Mars is a huge, red desert. Temperatures are beyond cold: -20 up to -80 degrees Celsius. Add that to the major dust storms and heavy lightning, and you’ll understand that it is not an ideal environment to live in, let alone work together. Can a team function in such a hostile environment? How does it feel to be completely dependent on each other for survival? And how do you turn knowledge about space into something that we can apply on Earth? Nancy Vermeulen and her team spent 14 days in the Utah desert simulating a Mars expedition. In this workshop, she will share her knowledge with you.

Analogue Astronaut Nancy Vermeulen


  • Get a whole new view on your team dynamics.
  • Learn new techniques to boost leadership, communication and decision making skills.
  • Find out how you can function as a team, even under extreme circumstances.
  • Receive training from a real astronaut coach.
  • Discover all there is to know about the future of space travel.
  • Enjoy a unique and out-of-the-box team building activity that you and your colleagues will talk about for years to come.


This is the perfect team building exercise for companies and organizations that want to creatively improve their communication and collaboration skills. The workshop is intended for a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 24 participants. Instructions can be given in Dutch or English.


This is a whole-day workshop, but it can be reduced to half a day if necessary. If so, we will discuss with you which elements to keep and which to skip.


  • Welcome and registration
  • Interactive presentation
  • Planetarium show: "Embarking on Mars"
  • Lunch
  • A virtual walk through the solar system
  • Nancy Vermeulen talks about her Mars training in the Utah desert
  • Role play with a focus on leadership, decision-making and communication.


The programme can be adapted to your company’s specific wishes and expectations.


The preferred location for this workshop is the Kattevennen Cosmodrome. Its beautiful planetarium offers the perfect environment for an optimal space experience. Alternatively, the event can take place at your company, or at another location of your choice. In that case, we will adjust the programme accordingly.

The address of the planetarium:
Cosmodrome Kattevennen
Planetariumweg 18 – 19
3600 Genk, Belgium